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Basic knowledge about LED soft light belt

棋牌辅助:Basic knowledge about LED soft light belt

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棋牌游戏781 www.fbdfqz.com.cn Analysis LED soft light band light intensity unit:

Active lights such as LED soft light and incandescent lamps use candlelight (CD) as the unit of luminous intensity. The reflecting or penetrating object uses lumen (L) luminous flux unit. Illuminance unit lux (Lux) is used in photography and other fields.

These three measurement units are numerically equivalent, but need to be understood from different angles. For example, the luminance of the LCD projector is 1600 lumens, and if it is projected to a full reflection screen of 60 inches (1 square meters), the illumination is 1600 lux. Assuming that the light outlet is 1 cm from the light source and the outlet area is 1 square centimeters, the luminous intensity of the exit is 1600CD. However, in fact, because of the loss of the LCD projector, the reflection or the loss of the light permeable film, the brightness of the projector can be as good as 50%. With the current application experience, the outdoor LED display screen is expected to achieve more than 4000CD / sq m brightness in the daylight. Ordinary indoor LED, the maximum brightness of 700~2000 CD / square meters.

Commonly used LED soft light light intensity measurement unit:

1. LED soft light illuminance unit: lux (Lux);

2. LED soft light with luminous flux unit: lumen (Lumen);

3. LED soft light band intensity unit: candlelight (Candle power).

Here is an explanation of 1CD (candlelight: Candela): the luminous intensity of an object that is completely radiated, at the temperature of the platinum solidification point, every 1/60 square centimeters of the area.

Again, 1Lux (Lux): refers to the illuminance of 1 lumens per square meter. The relationship between LED soft light intensity and luminance and distance is E (illuminance) =I (photometric) /r2 (distance squared).